Tourism and Hotel Business

Languages: English, Lithuanian

Degree: Professional Bachelor Degree in Business Management. 6th level in LTQF; 6th level in EQF; 6th level in ISCED.

The Aim of the Programme

To prepare specialists for tourism and hotel business, meeting the needs of the national and international labour market. To provide students with theoretical knowledge of:

  • organising tourism and hospitality activities,
  • creating tourism and hospitality products,
  • planning and managing processes.

To develop practical hospitality service and maintenance skills.

Graduate's Skills

After graduation you will be able:

  • to apply the norms of law, ethics and communication in hotel business worldwide;
  • to analyse, evaluate and coordinate processes, strategies and tactics of hotel market, to insure the efficient planning and selling of products and services;
  • to apply the sustainability principles while creating products and developing activities;
  • to effectively and ethically apply professional skills in the multicultural environment;
  • to manage and apply the IT used in hotel market.

Career Possibilities

After graduation from ISLB you will be able to seek for career opportunities in national and international hotels and restaurants. You will be able to work as a hotel administrator, receptionist or in the sales department.

International Diplomas

The internationally acknowledged Business and Hotel Management School B.H.M.S. (Switzerland) is one of the oldest and largest private higher education institutions in Switzerland, which belongs to Benedict Education Group. The school offers high quality hospitality programmes and employment in prestigious hotel chains for their graduates. The ISLB students of Tourism and Hotel Business study programme have an exceptional opportunity to join the B.H.M.S. for the 3rd year of their studies and achieve the additional degree in hospitality field in one year. The Swiss school guarantees a practical training in Switzerland.

The degree is awarded by the J. K. Gordon University Scotland in cooperation with B.H.M.S.

Opportunities of Further Studies

After completion of the studies in ISLB you will be able to undertake the progression routes to academic institutions in Europe.

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