According to the Article 43 (1) of the Law on the Science and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Journal, 2009, no. 54-2140) for the improvement of the high school activities quality and implementation of the accountability the Ministry of Education and Science initiated an external evaluation of their activities, involving experts from foreign countries. At the moment it is initiated the external evaluation of the International School of Law and Business.
The evaluation is based on the assessment of the real resources of the high school, self-assessment summary and other documents of the high school, the data collected during the visit to the high school, the data obtained from previous assessment findings and recommendations, and the data on the implementation progress of recommendations and its results, as well as other information about the high school.
The high school is responsible for conducting the self-assessment and preparing of the self-assessment report. The self-assessment report shall disclose the high school's ability to analyse and critically evaluate their work and to foresee its development perspective. One of the higher school self-evaluation and assessment principles are participation of stakeholders, in other words the involvement of the high school students, graduates, faculty, employers and other social partners in the self-assessment and evaluation procedures.
During the assessment the high school's activities are evaluated according to the following areas: strategic management, training, lifelong learning, science and (or) art activities, impact on development in regions and country.
The high schools institutional self-assessment summary was presented to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on 24 September 2012. Experts visit to the School will take place in 23-25 October 2012. Next international accreditation is planned in 14-16 December 2021.