Languages: Enlish, Lithuanian

Degree: Professional Bachelor Degree in Business Management. 6th level in LTQF; 6th level in EQF; 6th level in ISCED

The Aim of the Programme

The aim of the Business Management study programme is to prepare a creative specialist of business administration, who understands the principles of management and business, is able to apply the knowledge and skills in the individual activities and further personal development, while working in Lithuanian and foreign enterprises.

Graduate's Skills

After graduation you will be able:

  • to act creatively, to implement your ideas and manage changes;
  • to assess business globally: to analyse and assess the processes, happening in an enterprise and in business environment;
  • to make decisions, to evaluate the effectiveness of decisions and anticipate the possibilities of activity development;
  • to organise activities of the enterprise and its departments, to prepare the activity plans and anticipate the measures of their implementation;
  • to constantly improve, constructively and responsibly apply the knowledge, skills gained and personal strengths.

Career Possibilities

After graduation you will be able to seek for a leading position in different business branches; will be competent to establish your own business.

Opportunities of Further Studies

After completion of the studies in ISLB you will be able to undertake the progression routes to academic institutions in Europe.

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